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at the redskins practice. mitchell and hall into a fight. it happens. redskins back on the field for practice first time since tuesday. higher humidity, afternoon, higher temperatures in the 90s. that is hot to be at the pool, let alone to be in a hot piece of turf wearing heavy pads. >> it is hot out here, you know we got the pads on. we're coming off a game where we didn't play well on -- in any phase of the football game. so the guys are angry, they're heavy -- having to get the pads on, get the frustration out. so you will have tempers. >> part of the practice was today's returning punts. is that clinton portis returning punts? don't expect this in a real live game situation, although clinton portis may think differently. >> i used to -- you know i just got out of it, i can still do it. so i'm trying out right now. >> clinton -- i would -- venture to say he is not going to be back there. >> he will pick -- >> he is -- he is not going to do it. >> reporter: all right, later in the show we'll catch up with the redskins defensive tackle who likes to get the job done without all the excitemen
campbell, now in his third season as starter for the washington redskins. didn't get much love in the off- season. the redskins were not able to trade up in the draft. so if you can't have the one you love, love the one you're with. >> stan: they're trying to, anyhow. they've got to make up for some hurt feelings because he knew they were going after all those guys. >> gerry: attempt ago throw on first down. he's across the 20. he gets a first down, on the first play of preseason. starting lineups for the washington redskins, betts in the backfield with mike sellers, devin thomas, out wide with antwaan randle el and chris cooley, made the pro bowl the last two years at tight end. first down from the 22. sellers is only going to get maybe a yard before he runs into ray lewis and taveras gooden. >> stan: stopping the run is what the ravens do best. they were third in the league last year which led them to second overall. remember they played the redskins, they just shut down clinton portis. if the redskins can't run, they can't move the football. because they have to be able to slow down th
for under -- for a new team is over. he is joining one of the redskins' biggest rival, the philadelphia eagles. late reaction to this news coming out. >> michael vick has signed a contract tonight with the eagles. when it was announced during the redskins game, it got a mixed reaction. the bottom line, michael vick is back in the national football league. the news hit the stadium just before halftime. michael vick is back after serving 23 months following a federal dogfighting condition. -- conviction. >> it does not mean anything. >> he was perhaps the lead's most exciting player. most teams said they were not interested after he was allowed into that le last month. >> everybody deserves a second chance. >> i think he should have went on with the redskins. it is a mistake. >> this man thinks his football future is bright. once the season begins the commissioner says he will consider michael vick for full reinstatement by a weak six. week seven the eagles play the washington redskins. at the stadium, it was not a good lot -- and night for the washington redskins, and we will have all th
begin with the number one show in town, the washington redskins, and for very good reason because this time of year, everybody thinks their team will go to the super bowl. well, two teams will. but will the redskins be one of them? to quote the musical stylings of asia, only time will tell. jim zorn and jason campbe, sharing a smile at practice. he beginning the third straight season, big expectations for him this season. how about the rookie? well, brian there, number 98, expected to put the heat on opposing quarterbacks. while the coach doesn't want to talk bit, he degrees the fans have a great reason to be excited. >> they have a good reason to be excited. there is a lot of work to do. it is not this -- most excellent performance -- right from the start. we're going to grow and we're going to get better as we go along. >> random thought time, but if there was one guy on the redskins roster i wouldn't want to bother, this would probably be big al haynesworth, 6'6", but we'll have more. >> i still want to play out there earlier, hot out there, running offense. he is going to get
of the football season but the fans of the burgundy and gold are out in full force. i'm brianne carter at redskins park. the story coming up. >> the cash for clunkers program is a hit with car buyers but repair shop owners say they're payi p >> car buyers and dealers are cashing in on the cash-for-clunkers program but car repair shops say it's costing them business. some shop owners and mechanics say people who would normally be getting their cars fixed are buying new ones instead. >> they're taking,ay, a $2,000 car that's only worth $2,000, it might need $1,000 in repairs but now they're getting $4,500 from the government so why wouldn't you get rid of that car? >> yesterday president obama signed legislation extending the program into labor day. eunice kennedy shriver is said to be in critical but stable condition at a massachusetts hospital. family members have gathered at her bedside including daughter maria shriver and her husband, california governor arnold schwarzenegger. the 88-year-old sister of president john f. kennedy is best known for starting the special olympics. secretary of state
or two as the redskins open up the preseason here in baltimore. we are going to get a quick look at the starters on offense and defense. some of the big guns on both sides of the ball probably not going to play. clinton portis, albert haynesworth, santana moss. all probably going to sit this one out. they are not going to be seeing the field at all tonight. albert haynesworth, the redskins new $100 man is going to play in the preseason but will be used sparingly. blatche giving him the night off. blatche very anxious to see his rookie, brian orakpo the he looked great during training camp despite learning a new position. playing in a game, even a preseason game for some of the young guys, going to be a whole lot different from practice at redskins park. >> you mess up thursday night, the announceler talk about it for another 10, 15 minutes. the fans are going the talk about it and talk about it at the barbershop the next day. cost you the ball game, talk about it for a week. some of the young guys, reality of it, they are actually lined up and in the nfl football day, mom and gra
>>> welcome back to baltimore. the redskins in preseason game number one, 23-0 losers to the baltimore ravens. we've been talking i think all training camp about this young man sitting next to me, brian orakpo. gets his first taste of professional football in real live game action. what was going through your head out there? >> it was a whole bunch of stuff. i was getting my feet wet, like i said. being in this first nfl game, a dream come true for me. i can put that to rest and play football. >> brian, what was the biggest thing you learned out there in your first nfl action? >> probably everybody is an ag let's. that's the most important thing i learned. everybody is good, you know, on this level. you really can't take that for granted. you have to be on top of your game each and every play and series. >> brian, had two tackles tonight. a couple of quarterback pressures. talking about the difference in quarterbacks, saying you're a sack guy. at least at texas you were. that's what you hoped to be on this level. you love playing against the big quarterbacks, because t
the ravens converted for the first down, michael oher pancaked renaldo wynn of the redskins, oher has now gone into the locker room for medical treatment. the ravens now facing a third and 3. flacco to throw, end zone, incomplete. wanted derrick mason a yard deep. d'angelo hall appeared to get a hand on it and breaks it up. so the opening drive of the season ends in frustration, where? in the red zone. >> stan: yes. this is just a quick timing pass, he's going to try to get it to him in that zone, in between zones, but defensive back made a great break on the football and got his hand on it. >> gerry: steven hauschka 1 for 2 last year, from 54. this one from 21 and it is good. so steven hauschka puts the ravens on the board first in the preseason. >> stan: you like those tap-ins to start, don't you. >> gerry: if you're a kicker you do. the ravens strike first with 6:15 to play. john harbaugh has his first lead to operate with. though i'm sure he was hoping to see a drive that was that impressive conclude with a touchdown. >> stan: it'
years. >> yeah. he had a good run. >> good run. >>> more talk tonight the redskins may be moving back to the district. we are going to have the latest the push to bring them back within city limb zblits find out what former vice president dick cheney is saying about the bush administration in his upcoming book. >> possible early release from prison for the man convicted in one of the world's deadliest terrorist attacks. >> international search continues for a 4,000-ton cargo ship that's still missing. >>> in the battle over health care, the provision for end of life counseling that fuele rumors of so-called death panels is now being dropped. proof that those angry town halls are having an effect and hurting president obama and the democrats. that's borne out in a new poll. steve handelsman has our report. >> reporter: after two weeks of health care demonstrations and town hall disruptions run daily on the news -- >> you are lying! >> reporter: democrats shouted at coast to coast this was seattle last night. there's more doubt about the democrats' proposal. >> it is funny how a lot of
. >>> this is 9news now. >> well, for the first time in months, the redskins take the field against another nfl team. >> but their first pre-season game gets trum pd by big news off the field. 9 sports director brett haber is live with more on the game and our developing story. the signing of michael vick tonight. brett. >> reporter: you're right, derek and anita. in fact, the news started to trickle through the stadium here in baltimore around the end of the second quarter and almost immediately both up in the press box and down in the stands, that news became more important than the game on the field. after dozens of teams passed on michael vick, tonight the philadelphia eagles said dwroe michael vick. his agent confirming that the former falcons has signed a two-year contract to join the eagles. he would serve as a backup to pro bowl qb donovan mcnabb and somehow this for a catch. his first week of eligibility would be week six. the eagles play the redskins in week seven on a monday night national tv at fedex field. you want to see a circus, brace yourself for that game. meanwhil
it was. the redskins put points on the board for the first time this season and thanks to former mizzou star chase daniel they look like a team for the first time. and sara walsh we're 8er to talk to you about that. >> the storms have lifted and so have the redskins preseason spirits. i am not sure you want the best quarterback appearance of the night from the guy toughest job to make the team but the redskins are thrilled taking on the defending champion steelers. third and 10, jason campbell firing one to chris coolly for a first down. the redskins settle for a field goal, 3-0 washington. the steelers had a long dive of their own. second-goal from the redskins 3. willie parker takes the toss, bounces out and gets in for the touchdown. redskins down 10-3 at the break. in the second half redskins still down 7. third and goal from the 3. 4th string quarterback chase daniel floats a fade to marco mitchell and the game is tied. after forcing a fumble fred davis turns around and scores the inwithing touchdown. the second from chase daniel. the 'skins win this one 17-13. >> how you score poi
versus the redskins. >> already smell the wonderful aroma of tailgating cuisine. keith live at the stadium with the story better bridge something back. >>reporter: i will. we are grilling with mike and his crew. where are you from. >> beamer. >>reporter: they know this is pre-season game which means it doesn't really matter if you win or lose. still a big game. baltimore versus the ravens. big game means you have a big tailgate party. fans are flipping the chicken. drenching from the favorite bench before kick off. now the redskins one of the biggest arrive a.they tell me if you are from baltimore you are stuffy arrogant fan. if you are from dc you are ready for prime time raven. bottom line this game is all about having fun. >> i used to live in redskins territory and i hate them. >> baltimore the best city ever. ever. >> that's the team for life? never waiver to the good or fda i'm a skins fan for life. >> this is the side that matters. purple side, baby. >>reporter: we are back here live now. they spray painted the hair. >> i know it doesn't matter who we un
the details in just a few. >>> in sports -- redskins celebrate the fans at redskins park. hunter the punter hopes to boot the punting woes. jason campbell and teammates put on a show. news 4 at 6:00 continues! in the wdanthwoen twohe wtne into a cofield.t do aen wwndo aq eth ro fai the airpt,th privatevaly d.owne we don't know what caused the crash. federal authorities will investigate. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton spent the day in south africa. she is on an 11-day tour of the continent. she helped plant flowers in capetown today. clinton also revisited a construction site she first toured 12 years ago when she was first lady. she praised the progress made in that area since then. clinton also danced with the locals for the second time this week in fact. wednesday she participated in a dance in kenya. >>> okay. so maybe your dog, maybe your dog is as smart as you thought after all. a psychologist, leading canine researcher claims most dogs are at least as smart as a 2-year-old. according to a new report, dogs can understand more than 150 words. they can also intentionally deceive
a direct hit on canada's maritime provinces sunday. hari sreenivasan, cbs news, new york. >>> the redskins faithful are heading to fedex field right now for the second preseason game, but what will the sloppy conditions mean for the starters playing time tonight? let's go out to the stadium. hi, sarah. >> reporter: we are not on the field but here in the tunnel because let's be reel, we're getting out of the elements. weather is a major concern for the game slated to kick off again the steelers at 7:30. the field crew started to roll up a heavily soaked tarp. rain is not the issue. lightic? a concern. a couple of minutes ago, they started to allow fans to come into the stands. players are starting to warm up. so this game is ready to go at 7:30. no tougher task than tonight which is against the defending super bowl champion steelers. if anyone knows how tough this team is, it's jason campbell. he was sacked seven times in a 23-6 loss to pittsburgh a season ago right here at home. the 'skins offense still looking for are the first preseason points. they will not come easy against the steele
into a soggy fed-ex field tonight, redskins and steelers jerseys went hand if hand with umbrellas and ponchos. even though some consider this to be perfect football weather. >> i think it's great. the more rain the better it is. >> others can do without. >> no. supposed to be sunny. tailgating. >> on top of heavy rain, lightning and thunder wreaked havoc throughout the print george's county area. this house caught fire after being struck by a violent bolt. >> just went off and on all day long. >> everyone we spoke with tonight say they are just tired of mother nature's dirty tricks this weekend. cynne', even though the rain is much lighter than it was earlier and throughout the day, the concern w is flooding. tonight and overnight in some of the low-lying areas here in the county. live in forestville, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> it could be a mess, john. thank you. we do have some more details for you on that fire at the prince george's county apartment building that was caused by a lightning strike. the flames broke out around 5:00 this morning. on the top floor of a building in district h
, as well. >> thank you, john. >>> we're going to have more on the redskins' game versus the steelers. that is coming up later in sports. some volunteers spent the day making sure that when school is ready for the opening bell. the volunteers planted and pruned gardens near this elementary school. they say they're confident everything will be ready when the school opens on monday. >>> coming up, extreme makeover home addition rolls into the area. this was getting a major renovation. with the dreaded storms moving all over the area, when will the rain stop? firefighters inou ar 2009 energy star retail partner of the year. with an energy star washing machine, you'll have roughly enough for 16 rounds of golf, 94 movie tickets or 3,382 text messages. cool. (announcer) come to lowe's first for energy star appliances. >>> three firefighters have their hands full with dozens of the wildfires including this one. high winds are making it difficult for crews to get a handle on the flames. and already destroyed dozens of homes. thousands of people have had to be evacuated. no reports at this tim
. >>> another hot one at redskins training camp today. >> the talk out there about the teams. good looking cover, boys. they are live with the story out there. >> reporter: we had to practices here at -- we had two practices out there have. but forget about all of that. as you guys mentioned, the buzz out here today is about a magazine article. the new issue of sports illustrated, hitting newsstands tomorrow. jason campbell, our quarterback is on the cover. they are discussing his need to step up this season or in their words, to get out of the way as the redskins qb. they are also making reference to the offseason drama, that campbell was forced to endure this year as the redskins, they saw various replacements for them, including jake cut her and them. after biting their tongue for the last several months for the first time in this article, they are taking a major verbal swing at the redskins organization for the way they have treated him. he is sayingi quote, "i'm fine now, but there were a couple of times in the offseason i felitissue they were tiss they were flushing down the n ilet." wf,o
second year players the redskins will be counting on heavily this season and perhaps maybe that chase daniel, fred davis connection is something we can be seeing a lot of in the very near future. we'll be back with more from just outside the locker >>> welcome back to fedexfield folks, dan hellie, lindsay czarniak and the quarterback of the night, chase daniel came in as the third quarterback in the game, his first professional game. said he was nervous for a couple of plays. man, you played great. >> thank you very much. you've got those nerves and once you get them out, just go out and play and put the ball and people on the offensive line had a great game. all ran the ball well with me. you've got to thank them, as well. >> chase, two touchdowns. what a relief it was for you when you were able to make that first completion. >> that's the main thing. once you make the first, you block out crowd noise and everything else. you just play the game like back in high school, backyard football and go through your reads. i still made a couple of mistakes. the numbers are good but i still ha
. >>> and just over an hour, 7:30, the redskins take on the pittsburgh steelers. game two of the preseason tonight. redskins hoping to put some points on the board at least. dan healy joining us from fed-ex field and preview. healy, who is playing tonight? >> tell you what. you hit it right on the head. jim zorn offensive guru. he wants everybody playing, everybody is healthy. he wants to see some production. as an offensive g of turu they t score against the ravens. i will leave the starters out. the game plan before all this rain. until they do something. he told me that only takes about a quarter. that would be nice. in this weather they don't want to leave the starters out there too long. the guys wrapped up training camp for the most part. everybody healthy. was not the case last year. tonight should be a very stiff test for zorn's offense. steelers, super bowl champs they had the west defense in the league last year. it showed when they played the redskins. the other thing that showed uppen fuup in full force, a pittsburgh fan. >> preseason game. you know what? we have great fans. i
with their prize pick steven straussburg. we begin by taking a look back at the redskins win over the pittsburgh steelers. yes, it's part of our job to scrutinize and break down what went well and what did not. when you do that with the redskins, it always leads to mob conjecture and -- to more conjecture. the debate wages as just how good this unit can be. first play from scrimmage, jason campbell going up top. he cannot connect with malcolm kelly. knocked away at the last instance. this is the way campbell's night went. santana moss is open. through his hands. you get the idea. campbell did connect with chris cooley right here. his only completion, just one of seven, only n yards. the first team offense just three points and three drives. jim zorn still optimistic. >> 1-7 and all that kind of stuff. again, i thought jason did a nice job getting us into the right play. he had several good audibles. and i got -- i just got to get him more time. this time we'll even give him more time. >> the good news, how about daniel, a long shot to make the team. the rookie from missouri gave the coaching sta
cooley! >> reporter: fans made it clear who they came to see. >> portis and orakpo. >> go, redskins! >> reporter: we found a if you not afraid to support -- a few not afraid to support their members. this is where people are typically during training camp, a few rows back. they are not just here. they are all the way down here and they wrap all the way around the field. >> we woke up at 5:00 a.m. to get here. >> reporter: and they certainly saw a show. the bands, the coach, and the ballers. >> honestly, it's about enjoying the team we all love. just living it up. getting ready for the season. >> reporter: not even 90-degree temperatures could dampen love and predictions. >> to the bowl, baby! to the bowl! >> reporter: those fans are saying they are going to the super bowl in miami. 28,000 last year. 29,000 here today. that's a record. much more on this in sports. back to you. >> thank you, dave. >>> coming up -- history is made. the newest member of the sucoeme urt supreme court is sworn in. we'll have details next. there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that
's right. a lot more space at the pools. >> thank you, sir. >>> last night the redskins gave out team towels to the fans who showed up. pretty appropriate considering how wet it was at fedex field but the fans who did sit in the rain got to see the skins win. >> progress is what every coach, player and fan wants to see from their team in the preseason. has night against the super bowl champion eelers, progress was achieved by the redskins. the first team offense put together an impressive first quarter drive but it was the backups who stole the show. we're at fed ics field. jim zorn's saying let's play. we need to score some points here, folks. first quarter, the redskins trail. a fade to the corner. marko mitchell leaps, makes the catch. nice play. three yard touchdown. the redskins tied at 10 just like that. mitchell had three catches for 21 yards and that td. fourth quarter now, steelers lead it 13-10. hunter smith punting it away. joe burnett fields it at his own 18 yard line. check out number 86, fred davis. makes the hit, causes the fumble. dale young recovers it. the skins are
. >>> arguably one of the me important games of the preseason for the redskins tonight take on the patriots at fedex field. dan is at the stadium with more on this. >> tonight really a chance to see what the season might have in store. tom brady and patriots, you could not ask for a better opponent for the redskins tonight. the third preseason game, easily the most important because the starters are goingo play. two quarters and probably more. you know all eyes are going to be on jason campbell in this game against the ravens, campbell was without portis and moss. the offense shut out the entire game. last week against the steelers, campbell had all of his weapons but misfire order a couple of passes. tonight the offense can quiet the crics with a couple of touchdowns. something joe bugel would love to see. >> you get in the -- the first bunch ready for that opening season game. you mo what i mean? you like to see good results. we need to put touchdowns on board. what we understand that. we are not stupid enough to believe that you can win with no touchdowns. that's the key thing there. pro
and gold. two days after suffering an embarrassing 23-0 shutout loss, the redskins have been hard at work and preparing for preseason game number 2. game number one didn't go with the plan. the game doesn't count. let's not all push the panic button just yet. after the first loss to the ravens, back to work for the burg aroundy and gold in asho burn. the skins can't muster much offense but 196 total yards. granted, jason campbell didn't have portis or moss at his disposal. next week, the world-champion e eelers come to town th pl the players and compes know it wot be easy. >> when you're down like, that makes you less confident. we have to get it going and i'm excited. it doesn't get easier. we're facing aurguably the best defense in the national football league coming up and baltimore, if they second, it's close. their good football team is coached very well. >> meanwhile in philadelphia, today was day one of michael vick's comeback to the nfl. his first practice since eagle green came and went without incident and with a few protestors on hand. today was about vick reacclimating himself
there were enough for everyone in the press corps. >>> the virginia lottery launched redskins mania. you can win up to a million dollars. losing tickets can be entered for a chance to win season tickets for 20 ears and other prizes. it costs $20 apiece. redskins training camp continues with dave feldman calling the action. >> when we come back, update on the injury front and antoine randall he will will tell you how to keep your job if you are a veteran. >> welcome to red skin park where the redskins had one practice early this morning and this afternoon a special teams practice. the players left the meetings and they have gone back to the dorms to prepare for tomorrow's practice. today there were issues on the injury front. mainly with the offensive line which is started to resemble a mash unit. head coach jim zorn, what do you have. >> handy got a sore knee and he felt like when he tried to really anchor and put a load on it, it was a little bit abrasive. we held him out. mike williams hurt his groin a bit. he has a little muscle bull. stefan hire has a knee -- got banged up in the goal li
of training camp. the redskins finally allowed to hit. fan appreciation day itself was a hit. the nationals spring together enough hits to extend the streak. andy roddick sent acers streaking on his way to a berth in the legg mason final. all of that is ahead for the geico sports extra. we begin with the redskins holding the first scrimmage of the summer just five days before the presea an opener in baltimore. clinton porter, santana moss, malcolm kelly, just some of those who did noparticipate. jason campbell was under center, and he completed seven of his first eight passes on the opening drive, which led to a field goal. campbell finished 8 of 12 with a red zone touchdown pass and interception. chase daniels scored the only actual scrimmage touchdown as the defense once again had the upper hand overall. fortunately, this are no major injuries to report, but there were plenty of smiles just for the chance to crack somebody. >> i think the guys love it. i really do. i think our guys love to run and know that you could get tackled. there's a different spark. there's a different speed. >> g
with the redskins and patriots tied at 24-24. green-ellis plodding ahead for a couple. jim has new comedy on cbs, it premiers monday september 21st. "accidentally on purpose." we had our nfl seminar this week in new york, all the producers, directors, announcers, game planning for the season. jenna sent along a sweet, heartfelt message about promoting her show, more than happy to accommodate. >> phil: got right to the point. >> jim: green-ellis for four more. how about afc? >> phil: it's patriots, i think the dolphins are tough, strong. they have had another solid preseason, looked like they're building on what they did last year. can receiving core of the dolphins step up make them a team that can just maybe get over that edge and be a big time contender. of course everybody is anxious to see how terrell owens does in buffalo. good players usually help your football team. >> jim: third and four on the mass, too low. for sam aiken. >> phil: football just not come out of kevin o'connell's hand very well. nose got down a couple of times, it's wet. the interception takes away some of your confidenc
be out of a job. >>> kickoff. redskins fans gearing up for the team's first preseason game. we're live with the excitement as football fans rally behind the burgundy and gold. >>> good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm joe krebs. i'm barbara harrison. >>> it is a phrase we certainly can never get enough of around here, hail to the redskins. tonight football fans are hoping that phrase rings true. >> the first pre-season game of the year, kickoff just 8 1/2 hours away. news4's megan mcgrath is live at freedom plaza downtown. >> reporter: good morning. 7:30 tonight, that's kickoff. and it's the ravens versus the redskins. redskins fans of course very, very anxious to see what their team is going to do. there is a lot of excitement. we've been talking to the fans here today, and i would say that they are cautiously optimistic about tonight's game, as well as the season. fans have gotten a feel for the team during training camp, but tonight is the first time they get to see the redskins really play. the skins take on ravens in their first pre-season game in baltimore tonight. fans wi
opponent, the washington redskins. we will have reaction from the redskins coming up a bit later in sports. >> dan, tnk you. >>> michael vick's story transcend it is world of sports. many people, sports fans, are not -- have strong opinions about whether vick should be allowed to play again and what example he sets for younger fans. derrick ward has that part of the story tonight from bethesda. >> reporter: see behind me, maple wood team, youth team, they take it to the field. out there, that's the future of america football, college, semi pro, pro. you know, they and their parents and their coaches were taken by surprise by the move of michael vick being signed to the eagles as were a lot of folks. whether they are into football or not. that does not stop them from letting loose with opinions and lessons about this whole michael vick story. >> i went to prison. i had plenty of time to think about what i did and, you know, i seen people's reactions. and, you know, up until that point i never really cared. i won't say i didn't care but i never thought about it. now i understand that people
blink you might miss t the ravens play the redskins tonight. so we're hoping nobody gets hurt. and this is an easy one for fan it's. you get to come out and cheer a little bit as we gear up for next month. sherrie johnson is live with the first preseason game of the year. >> reporter: yes. and the fans are ready to cheer. we're at penn station as a lot of people are pumped up. the game starts at 7:00 tonight at m&t bank stadium. and people are just ready to see their teams play. large crowds are expected to fill area restaurants and bars. this means big profit are area businesses and some business owners stocked up on beads, t- shirts and other paraphernalia expecting big profit. but no matter if you're a redskins fan or a ravens fan, there's lots of excitement. >> i think the ravens are going to kill them tonight. i got $20 on it. and i'm laid off. >> reporter: you can tell he's pretty sure that his ravens will win. but we'll talk to some more folks coming up. people will be headed out there early to tailgate. lots of fun. reporting live at penn station, sherrie johnson, "goo
in baltimore, the ravens and redskins got things started. the complete recap coming up. >>> tonight, the mother of a local woman killed in the pan am 123 tragedy over scotland is outrages that the terrorists might be released from prison. she spoke with terry owennings. >> it's beyond upsetting. >> reporter: rosemary miles seethes with anger that the terrorists may soon be freed from prison for humanitarian reasons. >> he has no right to humane treatment. he is -- he murdered 270 innocent people, including whole families. including a 2-year-old baby. >> reporter: miles' daughter was 20-year-old miriam wolf. she was among the passengers on board pan am flight 103 when it blew up in 1988. >> there is no gets over the loss of a child. >> reporter: this woman, a former libyan secret service agent, was the only man convicted in the attack. he is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and they are close to a decision to go back to libya. >> i should be delighted if he does go back to his family to die. it's inhuman to keep him in prison. >> the scottish government, to be considering this, this is a ho
. because he parked in her spot. and the redskins tellck .no vick no. was the nfl shop listening. and a story how a fish broke a woman's windshield. >> now our weather is not bad at all. we had some clouds. some spots are almost cool. i will explain out there. and tell you about that. the skins defense getting all the accolades so far in training camp. but can they respond. things getting feisty between team usa and mexico and soccer. and watch out, braves showing a quick reflexes they try to take two in a row from the >>> discovered in a d.c. neighborhood. the army corps of engineers,n fskla open flasktaon cining mustard gas innon inhe the spring valley neighborhood. searching for munitions near au since the school was used to develop and test weapons during world war i. safety procedures reviewed before the excavation continues. a judge stands accused of deflating a woman's tire outside a courthouse. the woman says the security guard told her that circuit court judge robert nalley took the air out of her tire monday because she was parked in his restricted spot. outside the cha
sense of humor dedicated father of three girls die hard passionate redskins fan. sean knows him from chairman at the alexandria police foundation a citizens group of financial support and other services for the police department. >> i think everyone knows that you want somebody very, very tough for law enforcement but earl is it one to the core a great person, kind, reasonable. that's a great strait trait that you don't think of but it's important. >>> coming up next a new safety campaign targeting teens behind the wheel. will it work? we hit the streets to see what you think. plus budweiser controversial college fan cantines. why some won't satisfy a single tailgate. smuggling bust at b.i. wait till you hear how much cocaine someone tried to stuff inside a brau. news edge at 6:00 is back in two minutes.  >>> contents of a brau land a woman in jail sophia williams had more than two pounds of cocaine stuffed into her brau. they made the discovery when williams went through customs at b.w.i. airport. this is a photo of the brau after officers pulled it a
is asking the college president be fired. we'll have that story coming up. >>> and tonight's redskins game, ready to kick off. dave feldman is live at fed ex field. >>> it's windy and stopped raining for now. the question is how will jason campbell plain play? of course, he's come under major jute scrutiny. going to play the first half. an on his on his scenario next. c >> in the news edge in maryland. the president of montgomery college is coming underfire. faculty members casting an official vote of no confidence in their boss. john henrehan has more on why they want him to step down. >> reporter: newly registering students at mont groomery college are largely unaware a war has broken out between the faculty and the president. >> that day, the day that we didn't want to have to happen. it came to this. >> reporter: they voted for a resolution expressing no confidence in the college president. >> he faild to attend meetings is that are necessary for the college and meetings with county and state leaders surrounding budget issues. >> reporter: the faxulatey members complained of what they
for not trying hard enough to help her. >>> redskins training camp in full swing. dave feldman is live at redskins park. >> we will update you on two injuries and a promotion. we'll explain what happened today in ashburn as the news edge ho6:00 continues. >>> i'm live a rdskins park. no morning practice and tomorrow they go back to double days and pads only in the 8 a.m. workout. dave ross will be out there live. some key things today. some notable players didn't get to practice they had to watch. hainses worth and rogers both missed practice. haynesworth has a left knee swelng issue. rogers has a calf issue that didn't stop him from working out on the exercise bike. carlos, what happened to your calf? >> i don't know it just tightened up. came out the next day and i was running around and spriing and hit that bag and it tightened up more so -- make sure sit down and rest. >> forever linked the sec round picks from a year ago the wide receivers kelly and thomas. both under achieved last year. thomas scored only one touchdown but now the favorite to start as the number two receiver. kel
on my website blog at wusa9.com. >> all right. we will send it out to sara now live at redskins park. keeping her eye on things there. >> it is nice for saturday so i'm holding topper to that. redskins starters missing practice. we will tell you what that means for saturday's game and is mike rizz out as the gm? one report mesays he is gone. and steven strassburg. those stories are next ahead. b@ >>> welcome back to redskins park. the game is set saturday with the steelers and at that game the redskins will have a much better measurement of where they stand. that's because they expect to have a full lineup of starters on the field. clouds and doubt cast over those ideas after this morning's practice. chris cooley had lower back spasms. starting defensive end phillip daniels had his left knee drained after experiencing swelling. same knee he had reconstructive surgery on a year ago and that draining is the same procedure albert haynesworth had done a couple weeks ago. >> every chance we get we want everybody on the field so every day i can't tell you the degree but i want everybody it
, tonight the redskins take on the patriots out at fedex. >>> i'm sara walt, at fedex field where tonight we will get a much clearer picture of what this redskins offense can really do. jason campbell and company are in search of the first preseason touchdown. >> i would love to have scored, you know, 15 touchdowns already in the last two games. i want to see a sustained drive. i want to see us push it in when we get down to the three yard line. stay together, work hard, fight, literally fight to scrap for everything. >> reporter: the redskin and patriots kick off at 8:00. keep it here. starting at 7:30 we will bring you redskins tailgate. >>> i'm scott broom in portion county, a crisis that marred the first week of school here has still not been completely resolved. >> right now we're at 1,273 students who are, who are working an the clock to get their schedules done. >>> now anger from parents that revelations that school officials knew of the brewing crisis long before school started. >> we had some issues with the timing of the scheduling. >> reporter: chief technology officer wesley wat
the regular season starts the redskins are all about business. but this week, a rite of passage. and dave feldman broke bread with the boys in burgundy. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that song? >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: played by that and ♪ ♪ >> reporter: before labor day can only mean one thing. the redskins welcome-home lunch, for the fans not only to meet and greet but also to eat with their favorite players. >> what is it like to sit next to mike sellers? a football star? a nice guy? don't get in the way? >> it is a great feeling any time you can come out with the fans and they love you and we love them back. it is just great. >> reporter: the welcome home represents a new beginning. a fresh start, a chance for clinton portis and jim zorn to hug it out. and arapko to figure it out. >> at first i thought i was in trouble, and he would chew me out for something i did. but no, it is a good deal, having fun over here. >> reporter: greg, how is the rookie doing? how are his table manners? >> great, no question he was raised right, he has a lot of class and poise. >> reporter: the coach was no
as the ravens within last night. the ravens dominated the game compiling nearly 500 net yards. the redskins moved the ball early but they couldn't get in the end zone. >> we had a whole bunch of plays but i thought for the plays that we were in, we about the positive yards. for the most part, we moved the ball. we took what was there. what wasn't there, they made a good play also. i thought the offensive line held up real well. >> the other major news in the nfl this more than, michael vick is back. he signed with the philadelphia eagles. that news comes just weeks after vick's release from serving 18 months in federal ison for a dogfighting conviction. we talked with fans at the redskins ravens game about vick's comeback. >> i was shocked when i saw that but they have to do what they have to do. i think it the fits the eagles real well. >> i'm a just waiting for don haven't macnab's momo talk more on her blog. it doesn't affect me too much. the size of the city in philadelphia, they don't have a lot of dogs running around. they have a leash law. >> i have no problem with it. he served hi
arizona, but drier across the area. >>> everyone is keeping an eye on the redskins. >> they are hoping they will not have to scramble to get it together. we will have a good and have a o >>> the redskins' head toward game 3 of the preseason. we probably will not have an honest feel for the group until three or four games into the season. jason campbell tried to open it up with the first play of the game against the steelers. this turned into the pattern for campbell in game no. 2. he had one completion in seven ies for 10 yards. jason said he was not really concerned about the numbers. clearly, the redskins were concernedabout not punching into the ins on more with the first team. -- into the end zone. this is not what the coach was looking for when you get that close. >> adjust -- i was very upset that we did not. i call the play, and we got stopped. i have to go back and look it that and see how that plan failed, but i was very confident that all those goal line plays were going to go. we were going against the no. 1 defense in the natial footbal league. >> 6 out of eight passes, and
there will be major delays on the yellow and blue lines sunday through thursday nights. redskins fans were in a frenzy as they got close to some of their favorite players today. the heat certainly didn't stop fans from flooding redskins park for fan freeshgz day. people turned out in droves to see their favorite and get an autograph. despite the sea of burgundy and gold, some fans say there were fewer people at the park this year. >> i don't think it will affect the season but i do think the economy has something to do with less people. >> fans predict the redskins will make it to the playoffs -- perhaps even the super bowl. the skins play their first preseason game thursday, taking on the baltimore ravens. the weekend got off to a great start but the mercury is going to climb even higher tomorrow. meteorologist steve rudin is in the first alert forecast center with a first look at the forecast. steve, how hot? >> beverly, let me tell you, we have some changes on the way for the day tomorrow and monday and tuesday. temperatures are really going to soar. look outside right now. a few very widely scatte
minute. >> good morning, everybody. your sports minute begins with a redskins pre-season victory. last night the skins hosted the super bowl champions. daniel threw a three-yard touchdown to mitchell. and then it was a perfect throw to davis for an 18 yard touchdown. and daniel finished the gate with two touchdowns. the redskins are 1-1 in the pre-season. >>> in baseball, nationals hostinthe brewers. it was a slugfest last night at national's park last night. in the end, the brewers out slugged the nats. >>> and chicago's quinton hit his 14th home run of the season, and baltimore is 3 and 7 in their last 10 games. that's your sports minute. have a great day. >>> in this week's kid' post, they get a chance to live out their dreams by taking flight. here is barbara harrison. >> this week at the fair, in the air, and finding it where? i am barbara harrison alongside tracy grant of the "washington post." >> good to be with you. >> always good to see you, too. we will start with a program teaching kids to fly. is that right? >> that's a little bit over the top. there is a wonderful place, t
yards. rocky linebacker ryan arapahoe comes to play. great all game. third quarter, redskins down 10- 3. chase daniel off, the 6'4" rookie marco mitchell. four-coast guard touchdown. game tied at 10-10. 13-10 in the fourth. chase daniel, a perfect pass to fred davis for the 18-yard touchdown. and who says football players can't dance? the skins go on to win 17-13, and afterwards, i caught one one of the surprise heroes -- chase daniels. was it fun? >> it was a blast, man. finally glad to get out there and throw the ball around. throwing the ball around, get out, get dirty be get hit for the first time in a while. it felt good. >> reporter: this guy was thought to be by far number four on the depth chart. maybe that will change. certainly had a better game tonight than normally colt brennan who threw a pick although it wasn't his fault late in the game. coming up later on geico sports extra, guys will hear from marcus mason. a local guy from montgomery county. last year he led the nfl in rushing in the preseason. but he didn't stick with the team. tonight a good performance that's going
what he has to say. >> we're live at redskins training camp, also known as day 2 of tissuegate. we'll hear more from campbell on his provocative quotes from "sports illustrated." and what really goes on inside the dorm after practice. it's coming up in mi nutes. minutes. 9news now returns in a minute 15. >>> a fairfax county high school student is the subject of a spoof on the colbert report. 17-year-old fresia jackson reenacted how she was caught taking a birth control pill at oakton high last march. she was suspended for ten days and recommended for expulsion. state policy does not distinguish between prescription drugs and illegal ones. >> if she had been strung out on heroin, five days would have been what was required. now if she were dealing heroin or had heroin on her, then the same. same punishment. >> that has to be our first priority, is to make sure that kids are safe. and any drug, whether it's over- the-counter or prescription, usually has the ability to be abused. and that is what we're trying to prevent. >> after missing three and a half weeks for the suspension and
redskins. >> today, fans really got into the spirit. we will show you how. >> an ordeal for airline passengers in minnesota turns to talk of a new law in washington. that story is coming up. >> heavy showers and thunderstorms on 80 doppler, and some spots have flooding rains. we will check the 7-day forecast. in baltimore right now it is >> here is a look ahead what we are looking at 4 6:00. a series of town hall meetings in hagerstown. some committee growing pains have forced carroll county grow up -- school officials to respond in a big way. >> the government's transportation she is demanding answers from continental airlines. why was a plane full of passengers slept on the runway for over six hours over the weekend? this incident put pressure on congress to approve a passenger's bill of rights. >> dozens of passengers stranded overnight in a cramped regional jet, just yards from an airline terminal in rochester, minnesota. that is 6 hour ordeal is now under investigation by the u.s. transportation department. secretary ray lahood is demanding an explanation from continental airli
was installed incorrectly as copall the supports -- consultants claim. >>> the team, the washington redskins s getting ready for the matchup against the patriots. it could be a preview of what is to come. >> the question is how much are they expected to play tonight? dave feldman has more. >> how are you doing? the starters will play at least a half, maybe more and that is going to go a long way to saying how the regular season goes. they not going to play in the last preseason game. looking for history between the two teams, it doesn't go in favor of the washington redskins. in the last two meetings, counting one of the regular seasons, one in the preseasons, the patriots outscored the redskins 93-7 and that would be more than the redskins managed the entire preseason. that is not a good stat if you're rooting for the burgandy and gold. the first team offense has yet to mount a touchdown and have mounted one successful drive in two games producing three points. so far, no one is pushing the panic button and no one is predicting the super bowl idea yet either. jim zorn what, are you looking fo
in the air. redskins training camp opened this past week. hope and expectations are running high. today fans will get another chance to see the players get ready for thnew season. dave ross ilive at redskins park in ashburn. everyone is pinning their hopes now with the rack key out of texas. >> reporter: exactly. he is a specimen to behold. the first couple days of camp out here, very laid back, very easygoing, then yesterday they put the pads on for the first time, and then you have hitting weather like today, because sometimes you just want to hit somebody, and that's what the redskins did. it didn't take long. this is kedric golson going head to head with will montgomery. roll over and sit on each other. later on, mike williams, he's about 360 pounds, that's down about 80 pounds, going to get right into the grill of deanthony batist. everything is working fine. later, it's jeremy bridges and rob jackson. this is what you expect now with the pads on. a team not as good when you can't go in full pads and full gear. chris, we ask you, what's the difference about wear is pads and not wearing
crash. >> talk about a goranous friday out there and relatively easy day at redskins training camp. >> that's right. only one practice today but that changes tomorrow. >> you know, training camp in a way is one giant pantomime routine. yeah, the guys are practicing four hours a day, but when it comes to hitting and tackling and the physical elements of actual football, they are just pretending. they fake tackle because they don't want to risk injury early in training camp. that ends tomorrow. the redskins will suit up on saturday for the first full intersquad scrimmage, complete with full-speed tackling and hitting and they will even keep score. the only thing off limits tomorrow is contact on the quarterback. widely they remain in the bubble wrap. outside of that, after nine days of play, the guys are ready to bring the pain. >> that's a critical part of my game. i love to hit and i like to be around the ball. tomorrow is a chance to get a lot of tackling. >> first time tackling. everybody is live except the quarterback. so you have to put some wood on some people. welcome the new
brett haber has to say. >> we are live at redskins training camp once again. one of the reasons the defense is ahead of the offense at this camp is that you can't throw on the redskins secondary. a low down on that unit, plus you'll never believe who showed up at ravens camp today. we'll let you know in 16 minutes. 9news now returns in just 60 seconds. >>> last fall, auto executives got their ear full. lawmakers scolded them and suggested if the car business was in such bad shape, the executives should have come in commercial. now congress is gearing up to fly privately aboard three new jets of its own and they are already approved and being paid for by you. >> this is exactly why taxpayers are mad. it's because they have members of congress, they have bureaucrats preaching to them about how they should spend their money and what they should do and preaching to businesses about how they should spend money, yet they are flying around on private jets. >> now normally, big ticket items like jets require earmarks, but since one of these jets is already on order, no additional earm
. >>> the redskins get suited up today and the nationals say good-bye to nick johnson. here's lindsay czarniak with more. >> hey there, good morning everybody, your sports minute on this saturday begins with the redskins. this morning players are practicing for the first time with pads. this is the first full practice for first-round draft pick brian oroko, full coverage tonight at 6:00. to baseball, the nationals were active before the trade deadline. they sent nick johnson to the florida marlins for pitching prospect, aaron thompson and traded reliever joe bimle to the rockies for two other prospects. as for the players still on the nationals team, they had to deal with the pirates last night. and mill edge had a good game, he went 2 for 4 with two rbis and the pirates beat the nationals 5-4. and in baltimore, pitcher jeremy guthrie gave up two home runs and the red sox get the win. >>> nine under par at buick open. that's your sports minute, i'm zarn zarn, have a great weekend. >>> 71 degrees outside. coming up on the saturday edition of "news4 today," more money could be set aside for the
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